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Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright is arguably the most famous Architect to have worked in Buffalo.  Of the seven building he designed, six remain standing in various condition and usages.  The best of the bunch is the Darwin D. Martin site, with the three original buildings still standing. 

The complex was built as the home for Darwin D. Martin, of the Larkin Soap Company.  The Larkin Soap Company should ring a bell, if not for the innovative sales techniques developed by the firm (but that's another story), then for their Headquarters built by Wright in South Buffalo.  Unfortunatly, the building was razed somewhere around 1959, but it lives on in many publications.   If you know where to look, you can still find one of the original piers from the building in the back corner of what replaced it - an un-used parking lot (sigh...).

But I digress - while Wright was originally retained to design the Larkin Soap Headquarters, several of the top executives hired him to design their houses.  There is one house located on Tillinghast Drive, one on Soldier's Circle, three in the Martin Complex and Greycliff, somewhere in the southtowns.  As mentioned before, the Office building is now gone.

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